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A package that initializes dd trace when the environment is production, (and is lexographically superior, so that it is sorted to be "first").


To use this package, import or require it.

import '0-dd-trace-init-first-production';


  • 0- - beginning with a - is slightly prefered to me, but npmjs.com doesn't allow it. It just errors with a 404 if you try, so it might be a bug, but my gut says it's intentional. It's not consistent with the npm package though. Note that 0- is lexographically superior to 00000-. 0- is the most lexographically superior prefix for an npmjs.com package.
  • dd-trace - It's a dd-trace lib at heart, so it's got dd-trace in it.
  • init - It runs the init() method.
  • first - This is kind of redundant with the 0- prefix, but this should remind developers that it belongs at the first, in case someone decides to name their package 0--a or something silly that is more superior. I admit that this solution isn't perfect, it's just more perfect than anything else I can think of.
  • production - It only runs init() if the node env is production. Someone might want a 0-dd-trace-init-first that runs always or something.