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This is a small, simple mime database. A common thing for node servers to do is serve static files over HTTP. This requires, among other things, knowin the mime type you want to send. Here is a simple module to make this easy.


If you use NPM, then install this via npm. Also, please remember to put it as a dependency in your package.json file of your module that requires it.

npm install simple-mime

If you choose to not use npm, or can't use it in your environment, then simply copy the single file simple-mime.js to somewhere you can require it.


Simply load this library, configure your fallback mime type, and query it for the mime type of various filenames.

var getMimeType = require('simple-mime')('application/octet-stream');
var file = '/bar/foo/baz.mp3';
var type = getMimeType(file); // => 'audio/mpeg'


You will probably not use this except as a dependency to your own module that deals with serving files over HTTP, or some other protocol that requires mime types.

This doesn't have as many features as the mime module in npm, but it's a lot simpler too. The goal is that it's useful to someone.