0.2.0 • Published 4 years ago

16x2-lcd-menu v0.2.0

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Library to abstract Adafruit 16x2 Character LCD menus, favors configuration over code for creating menus and screen navigation.

Menu params

  id: String, // -- identifier
  name: String, // -- Name of template
  enabled: Bool,
  actions: {
    up: func || string || null || undefined, // Action to perform on button up, function, or a string (string name of menu)
    down: func || string || null || undefined, // if null, go up or down a line if template.length > 2
    left: func || string || undefined, // undefined does nothing
    right: func || string || undefined,
    select: func || string || undefined
  template: [String], // array of template string, line by line, since this is an x2 display we join 0 and 1 by \n
  data: func // function to retrieve data



const LCDMENU = require('16x2-lcd-menu');
const lcdMenu = new LCDMENU(60, true); // timeout backlight after 60 seconds, debug on

  id: 'testMenu',
  name: 'Test Menu',
  enabled: true,
  actions: {
    right: 'testMenu2',
  template: [
    'This is a',
    'Test Menu',
    'To the Demo',

  id: 'testMenu2',
  name: 'Test Menu',
  enabled: true,
  template: [
    'Test Menu 2'
  actions: {
    left: 'testMenu',

process.on('exit', lcdMenu.close); // Cleanup



Raw access to instantiated lcd plate library

addMenu(Menu Object)

Adds a new menu

  • if actions are not set, set it to an empty object (if it is truthy but not an object this could cause a crash)
  • Defaults the id to match the name if an id is not set
  • sets the first menu as the currentMenu (WIP)

removeMenu(String id)

Removes menu specified by id

  • Does nothing if id not provided or menu with that id doesn't exist.
  • fails if there are no more menus registered

enableMenu(String id)

Enables the specified menu

disableMenu(String id)

Disables the specified menu

setBacklight(Boolean state)

Turns the backlight on or off based on state (truthy)


  • Times out the display backlight after the configured # of seconds has passed
  • does nothing if timeoutMs is set to 0

displayTimeout set/get

  • Set the display timeout in seconds.
  • Doesn't auto-clear previous timer

activeMenu set/get

  • Set re-renders the display if valid, if not valid, does nothing.


Initializes the display

  • If no menu is configured, add a default one
  • Turn on backlight
  • Clears the screen
  • Runs render menu

renderMenu(String id)

Renders provided or active menu, or 0 indexed menu if none provided


Clears the timeout so the screen backlight stays on.


  • Shuts down screen
  • Clears screen, turns off backlight, stops polling button presses