1.0.4 • Published 2 years ago

2fa-mgr v1.0.4

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages caused by this software.

This is a simple 2FA manager that allows you to generate a 6-digit code that can be used to authenticate your account.

It's cross-platform and works on Linux, macOS, and Windows (although it's not tested on Windows or macOS).


# Global help
2fa-mgr help
# Help for a subcommand
2fa-mgr help generate

# Add an app
2fa-mgr add <app_name> <secret>

# Add from a QR code .png file
2fa-mgr qr <file_path>

# Generate a code
2fa-mgr generate <app_name> # aliased to gen for convenience

For more subcommands and options, see the global and subcommand specific help pages.


npm install -g 2fa-mgr # might need sudo on some systems

Remember to sync your NTP time!


  • (optional) xsel - for copying to clipboard on linux (yes, it will work on wayland too, but you need xwayland for that)