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Starter Site

This is an absolutely minimal starter for a website built using an11ty.

For a more complete starter, you should look at the official an11ty starter pack.


If you are starting from scratch, you can create a copy with no bindings to this git repository using:

npx degit an11ty/starter-minimal my-website
cd my-website
git init
npm install


Build all pages and assets using:

npm run build


Same as building, but updates pages and assets when file changes are detected, and launches a local HTTP server on port 8080:

npm run dev

Folder Structure

This website uses the an11ty/template-minimal, which does not have very many options.


The root folder of this project will not be built, so it typically contains documentation or other non-public assets.


This folder contains all the site pages, articles, images, styles, etc.

Although not everything in it will be copied or merged into the final site, it is safest to consider everything in it as "public" since it may accidentally be copied over and accessible from your published website.


This folder holds data that is then accessible inside templates. It has a file metadata.js that has the site name and other significant details.


Please file any issues or start discussions for this starter project over in the an11ty issues.


This starter project published and released under the Very Open License, which is a type of "public domain" license. Attribution is always appreciated, but it means you are free to remove this license and any reference to this project, for example in a business or personal website.


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