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This is a custom element that allows you to share informations using the native share dialog on mobile. On desktop, it fallbacks to copying the text to the clipboard.

To copy the text to the clipboard, the Clipboard API is used when available, otherwise it uses the legacy "execCommand" method. When the event is fired, the detail.method attribute will show the API used.


Add the following script tag to your head:

<script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/@andreadev/share-button/src/share-button.js"></script>

If you want you can also install it from npm:

npm install --save @andreadev/share-button

And then use it like this (if you have a bundler, otherwise it could give you a "failed to resolve module" error):

import ShareButton from "@andreadev/share-button"

let shareBtn = new ShareButton();


Usage within HTML:

    title="Shared title"
    text="This is the text that will be shared"
    fallbacktext="Text that will be copied to your clipboard"


titleIt will be sent to the native share dialog. How it's used depends on the share target.
textThis is the text that will be shared. If no fallback text has been set, it's the text that will also be copied to your clipboard when the Web Share API is not available.
urlThe URL that you want to share.
fallbacktextThe text that will be copied to the clipboard if the Web Share API is not available. You may want to insert here a short text that includes the URL that you want to share. If this is not present, the text attribute is copied instead.
quietPrevent the message pop-up after copying some text into the clipboard.


shareFired when the user clicks the share button. It can be used to prevent the default share behaviour.
sharesuccessFired when the share was successful. If the clipboard API was used, it fires before the alert, so that you can prevent it.
sharecanceledFired when the user canceled the share by clicking outside the share dialog on mobile.
sharefailedFired when the share event encounters some error.


triggerShareThis method allows you to trigger a share action, as if the user clicked on the share button. It also allows you to share files. When used, no share event will be generated.


The triggerShare function accept only one argument, which is an object representing the options. The options available are:

titleThe share title (to be used with the WebShare API)
textThe text to be shared (it will be used with both the WebShare and the Clipboard API)
urlUrl to be shared (WebShare API)
fallbacktextA fallback text to be used in the Clipboard API (the text property will be used if this is undefined)
filesThe files to be shared (WebShare API). The value should be a FileList object (the one returned from the type='file' input).

Useful tips

How to remove "The text has been copied to your clipboard" message

This message was included because it is very important to notify your users when the share text has been copied to their clipboard. You can remove that warning in two ways.

Using the quiet attribute:

<share-button text="test without warning" quiet >Share</share-button>

Preventing the default behaviour on sharesuccess event:

let shareBtn = document.getElementById(...);

shareBtn.addEventListener("sharesuccess", (event) => {

    event.preventDefault(); // will remove the message

    if (event.detail.method === "clipboard-api" ||
        event.detail.method === "legacy") {
        // Implement your own logic to warn the user

When is the Web Share API used?

The Web Share API is available only on mobile browsers. Also, the page must be served over https. There are other requirements, for a full list check out this article on web.dev.

Only one thing to point out, in that article it says that on Android it is available only on Chromium forks, but that's not true anymore, since it is available in the newer version of Firefox, even though as of August, 26, 2020 it looks like it can only share the url.

Implementing custom share logic

Let's say you're happy with the Web Share API on mobile, but don't like how this button works for desktop users. You can always prevent the default button behaviour and use this element like a regular button:

let shareBtn = document.getElementById(...);

shareBtn.addEventListener("share", (event) => {

    // Check if the Web Share API is not available
    if (!window.navigator.share) {
        // Implement custom logic

Why my triggerShare call doesn't work?

When triggering a share action programmatically, you must always be sure that it was triggered by a user interaction. Many browsers will stop you from using the Web Share or Clipboard API if the code wasn't triggered by some user action.

Also, it doesn't work if the code execution has been blocked by a debugging tool.

How to share files

You can share files when the Web Share API is used, which means that it does not work out of the box for desktop users. You can only do it from the Javascript API, using the triggerShare function:

let shareBtn = document.getElementById(...);

let files = document.getElementById("my-file-picker").files;

    title: "Test File Sharing",
    text: "This will share some files along with these informations.",
    files: files

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