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Capsule Manual

This is a very terse outline. More information:

Interactive Shortcuts

Interactive shortcuts always correspond to a system function. You can redefine them in your startup file.

  • .? (This) Capsule Manual
  • .: <exp> Get the type of the following
  • .! <cmd> If running hosted on Unix, pass to the shell.


To change local configuration, you can currently andromeda.config from the shell. For example, if you want to toggle color output off, run andromeda.config.debugUseColors = false.

Startup Servers

Access to the following servers (by default) needs to be prefixed with andromeda..

  • nodes Access to the underlying nodes
  • history Shell history
  • epidemics Keep track of online nodes
  • partition Return a set of nodes, based on predicates
  • mem Access to memory-based key-value store
  • disk Access to persistent key-value store
  • info Information about underlying nodes, network and hardware
  • request Send requests to groups of nodes
  • routes Bidirectional names-to-servers mapping
  • exec Schedule and execute functions
  • packages Bring software into context through a package manager
  • events Listen to and create notifications
  • config Access to the global configuration

    Similar servers exist only for local-only interaction if this is needed: config, request, info, routes, mem, disk, packages, events.

Dataless Interfaces

Most of the servers support a dataless interface.

  • get Maybe Options -> (Maybe Error -> Maybe Data -> ()) -> ()
  • put Object -> Maybe Options -> (Maybe Error -> Maybe Data -> ()) -> ()
  • delete Maybe Options -> (Maybe Error -> Maybe Data -> ()) -> ()
  • patch Object -> Maybe Options -> (Maybe Error -> Maybe Data -> ()) -> ()

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