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Deploy your Angular app to the file system directly from the Angular CLI! 🚀

This is a sample project that helps you to implement your own deployment builder (ng deploy) for the Angular CLI. The actual "deployment" is only a simple copy to another folder in the file system.

Learn more at https://github.com/angular-schule/ngx-deploy-starter


Add @angular-schule/ngx-deploy-starter to your project.

ng add @angular-schule/ngx-deploy-starter

Deploy your project to the file system.

ng deploy [options]


The following options are also available.


  • optional
  • Default: undefined (string)
  • Example:
    • ng deploy – Angular project is built in production mode
    • ng deploy --build-target=test – Angular project is using the build configuration test (this configuration must exist in the angular.json file)

If no buildTarget is set, the production build of the default project will be chosen. The buildTarget simply points to an existing build configuration for your project, as specified in the configurations section of angular.json. Most projects have a default configuration and a production configuration (commonly activated by using the --prod flag) but it is possible to specify as many build configurations as needed.

This is equivalent to calling the command ng build --configuration=XXX. This command has no effect if the option --no-build is active.


This option was called --configuration in previous versions.

BEFORE (does not work):

ng deploy --configuration=test


ng deploy --build-target=test


  • optional
  • Default: false (string)
  • Example:
    • ng deploy – Angular project is build in production mode before the deployment
    • ng deploy --no-build – Angular project is NOT build

Skip build process during deployment. This can be used when you are sure that you haven't changed anything and want to deploy with the latest artifact. This command causes the --build-target setting to have no effect.


  • optional
  • Default: /example-folder (string)
  • Example:
    • ng deploy -- App is "deployed" to the example folder (if existing)
    • ng deploy --target=/var/www/html -- App is "deployed" to another folder

This is one of the options you can freely choose according to your needs.


  • optional
  • Default: undefined (string)
  • Example:
    • ng deploy -- <base href="/"> remains unchanged in your index.html
    • ng deploy --base-href=/the-repositoryname/ -- <base href="/the-repositoryname/"> is added to your index.html

Specifies the base URL for the application being built. Same as ng build --base-href=/XXX/

This is an example how to override the workspace set of options.


Code released under the MIT license.

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