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A mini clone of the Lodash library.


BEWARE: This library was published for learning purposes. It is not intended for use in production-grade software.

This project was created and published by me as part of my learnings at Lighthouse Labs.


Install it:

npm install @angusjk/lotide

Require it:

const _ = require('@angusjk/lotide');

Call it:

const results = _.tail([1, 2, 3]) // => [2, 3]


The following functions are currently implemented:

  • function1(assertArraysEqual): checks whether running two arrays through eqArrays gives the result we expect
  • function2(assertEqual): checks whether two given strings, numbers, or booleans are the same or not
  • function3(assertObjectsEqual): checks whether running two objects through eqObjects gives the result we expect
  • function4(countLetters): returns the number of instances of each letter within a given string
  • function5(countOnly): takes an array of names and a list of names to count instances of in that array
  • function6(eqArrays): tells whether two given arrays are equal or not
  • function7(eqObjects): tells whether two given ojbects are equal or not
  • function8(findKey): returns a value of a given object when passed a key corresponding to that value
  • function9(findKeyByValue): returns a key of a given object when passed a value corresponding to that key
  • function10(flatten): takes in a nested array and returns a single arrays containing all values
  • function11(head): returns the first value in a given array
  • function12(letterPosition): returns the indexes of each letter contained in a given string
  • function13(luhn_algorithm): checks whether a given number is valid by the standards of a luhn algorithm
  • function14(map): returns an array containing the letter found at a given index of each string in an array
  • function15(maxProfit): returns the largest difference between any number and any subsequent number in a given array
  • function16(middle): returns the value(s) found at the middle of a given array
  • function17(poppin_bottles): algorithm for determining how many bottles can be purchased and returned with a given amount of money
  • function18(tail): returns all but the first value in a given array
  • function19(takeUntil): returns all values in an array that match a given criteria
  • function20(without): returns an array containing only values not matching the given criteria for removal

2 years ago