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An opinionated set of configuration files & CLI for conveniently bootstrapping Node projects. (NPM Organization)

How does it work?

  1. Choose a preset to clone from. Currently, the next and node presets are implemented for Next.js and vanilla Node.js (both using TypeScript) respectively.
~$ ankylos create new-project --preset node
  1. Run ankylos bootstrap within the newly cloned directory. This will read from the preset's ankylos.config.js, which describes behaviour for preset-specific dependencies, dev-dependencies, templates, and NPM scripts. For example, the node preset has the editorconfig, eslint, github, husky, markdownlint, package, pnpm, prettier, renovate, and vscode extensions enabled by default. Each of these plugins is an NPM module published under the @ankylos organization and contain their own ankylos.config.js. However, this configuration defines template-specific behaviour, such as files to preserve/copy and template-specific dependencies. Anyways, the bootstrap subcommand will initialize a 4-stage bootstrap process:

    I. Install all direct dependencies, dev dependencies, and templates under the preset's ankylos.config.js.

    II. Install template dependencies and dev dependencies

    III. Prompt for project metadata: name, description, kewords, license

    IV. Copy files specified by templates into their respective locations relative to the new project

  2. Simply pnpm install in the current directory and you should be good to go!

What ankylos is NOT supposed to be

  • A generic wrapper to encapsulate configuration entirely. The entire point is just to bootstrap common configuration and that's all. Things like prettier will remain peerDependencies in ankylos-template-prettier, for example.
  • A one-size-fits-all tool for all developers. This tool has been developed with my personal preferences in mind. If you would like to add a template, feel free to create a pull request, but be warned that I may not accept it on grounds of personal preference. At that point, feel free to fork the repository (keep the LICENSE :)!) and adjust the template to your neds


  • Currently only supports pnpm. Support for other package managers is not a priority.

Try it out

With all of that said, feel free to try ankylos for yourself!

~$ pnpm install --global @ankylos/cli
~$ ankylos --help

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