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CarouselComponent Framer Module

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The CarouselComponent module allows you to generate a scrolling carousel of items in a variety of configurations.


NPM Installation

$ cd /your/framer/project
$ npm i @blackpixel/framer-carouselcomponent

Manual installation

Copy or save the CarouselComponent file into your project's modules folder.

Adding It to Your Project

In your Framer project, add the following:

ControlPanelLayer = require "CarouselComponent"


new CarouselComponent

Instantiates a new instance of CarouselComponent.

Available options

myCarousel = new CarouselComponent
	# Item cells
	itemCount: <number>
	rounded: <boolean>
	itemMargin: <number>
	itemBorderRadius: <number>
	itemWidth: <number>
	itemHeight: <number>
	smallItemWidth: <number>
	smallItemHeight: <number>

	# Labels
	title: <string>
	link: <string>
	captions: <array of strings>
	subcaptions: <array of strings>

	# Layout
	margins: <array of numbers> ([topMargin, rightMargin, bottomMargin, leftMargin])
	wrap: <boolean>
	sideCaptions: <boolean>
	topAlignSideCaptions: <boolean>

	# Hero-specific controls
	heroCaptionAlign: <string> ("left" | "center" | "right")
	centerheroItem: <boolean>
	sideHeroCaption: <boolean>
	topAlignHeroCaption: <boolean>

	# Colors
	boxColor: <string> (hex or rgba)
	iconColor: <string> (hex or rgba)
	titleColor: <string> (hex or rgba)
	linkColor: <string> (hex or rgba)
	captionColor: <string> (hex or rgba)
	subcaptionColor: <string> (hex or rgba)

	# Typography
	fontFamily: <string>
	titleFontSize: <number>
	titleFontWeight: <number>
	titleMargin: <number>
	linkFontSize: <number>
	linkFontWeight: <number>
	captionFontSize: <number>
	captionFontWeight: <number>
	captionMargin: <number>
	captionMaxHeight: <number>
	subcaptionFontSize: <number>
	subcaptionFontWeight: <number>
	subcaptionMargin: <number>
	subcaptionMaxHeight: <number>
	titleAlign: <string> ("left" | "center" | "right")
	captionAlign: <string> ("left" | "center" | "right")

	# Icons
	icons: <boolean>
	iconBorderRadius: <number>
	iconSize: <number>
	iconMargin: <number>

	# Image assets
	imagePrefix: <string> ("images" directory assumed)
	imageSuffix: <string>
	iconPrefix: <string> ("images" directory assumed)
	iconSuffix: <string>

	# Actions
	itemActions: <array of actions>
	linkAction: <action>

	# View CarouselComponent frame
	debug: <boolean>

	# Other
	forceScrolling: <boolean>

Using side captions

Specify sideCaptions: true to vertically align captions alongside cells, rather than underneath. Specify topAlignSideCaptions: true to align side captions to the tops of their adjacent cells.

Using the wrap feature

If you specify wrap: true, the first item in the carousel will display on its own row as a hero item. This item can be controlled independently of the rest of the carousel. Secondary cells will be sized according to smallItemWidth and smallItemHeight, rather than itemWidth and itemHeight.

Text alignment

You may specify "left", "center", or "right" for both titleAlign and captionAlign. heroCaptionAlign is also available when using the wrap feature.

Using icons

Icons can be displayed under each item's cell. Specify icons: true to enable this. Enabling icons prevents the use of side captions.

Using images

All images are assumed to live in the images directory and be numbered starting with zero. You may supply a prefix and suffix. If your item images are located in an items directory within images and named:


then your imagePrefix will be "items/cell" and your suffix would be "png".

Icon assets work the same way.

Do not include the images directory in imagePrefix or iconPrefix.

Assigning margins

Margins are supplied in the same order as they are for CSS. margins: [40, 10, 15, 5] will provide a top margin of 40, a right margin of 10, a bottom margin of 15, and a left margin of 5. The first item is positioned according to the top margin; however the title and link are positioned relative to the first item using titleMargin.

Maximum caption heights

You may enforce text truncation by supplying captionMaxHeight and subcaptionMaxHeight. The threshold that triggers truncation will depend on font size.


The CarouselComponent will attempt to provide scrolling only when its content extends beyond the visible area. To enforce scrolling regardless, specify forceScrolling: true.

Assigning actions

The link button in the upper right of the carousel can be given an action, as can individual item cells. The link will only appear if you supply a string with link: <string> and the CarouselComponent includes at least two items. Item actions should be arranged in a comma-separated array, one action per line.

linkAction: -> print "link"
itemActions: [
	-> print "1",
	-> print "second",
	-> print "item the third"

Referring to parts of the CarouselComponent

The CarouselComponent contains a PageComponent that can be accessed with row. Items and their components can be accessed with the items array. heroItem is available when wrap is set to true.

print myCarousel.row.currentPage
print myCarousel.heroItem?.caption?.text
print myCarousel.items[0].textBlock
print myCarousel.items[0].cell

Known issues

CarouselComponent does not calculate its full height until it has finished populating its content. Don’t attempt y: Align.center. Instead, use myCarousel.y = Align.center following instantiation.

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