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React forms with courtesy.


Formality aims to be a simple and composable library for validated input and forms in React. The provided input components can be used without any parent container, and can be interacted with like a standard component via onChange.

Alternatively your inputs can be wrapped in a <Form /> component which will retrieve all data and pass it to the onSubmit event handler- which is only fired when all input is valid (unless you pass submitOnInvalid)!.

Simple validation

Validation is done by passing validation functions as children to an Input component. This method is inspired by the validation library by vacuumlabs (Video).


Standard validation with debounce

import { Input, isEmail } from "@thinmartian/formality";

<Input debounce={300} name="email">
    <IsEmail />

Validation with message override

import { Input, Required } from "@thinmartian/formality";

<Input name="username">
    <Required message="Please supply a username" />

Async validation

const AsyncCheck = ({ value }) => {
    return new Promise(resolve => {
        setTimeout(() => resolve(value === "correct"), 1000);
// Uncomment to mark validation as asynchronous
// it will be treated as async without executing the promise
// AsyncCheck.async = true;

import { Input, Required } from "@thinmartian/formality";

<Input name="server_check">
    <Required />
    <AsyncCheck />

Creating a validator (manual)

const MyCustomValidator = ({ value, is /* props */}) => {
    // Can return a boolean, message will be loaded from props or parent Input
    // return value === is; 
    return {
        vaiid: value === is,
        message: `Value does not equal ${is}`,
        key: "equal"

// Usage
<MyCustomValidator is="matched" />

Creating a validator (from a boolean function via compose)

import { compose } from "@thinmartian/formality"
import isAlpha from "validator/lib/isAlpha"

const IsAlpha = compose(
    "Please enter an alphabetical string only",

// Usage
<IsAlpha />


Please see the examples/ directory for example usage of components

More Documentation Coming Soon!