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@blinkmobile/angularjs-draft-queue v1.0.0-alpha.2

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AngularJS Draft Queue npm

A tiny wrapper around Angular LocalForage for Blink Forms to help with auto-saving form entries


npm i --save @blinkmobile/angularjs-draft-queue


Include the script in your build/minification process or directly in HTML:

<script src="/node_modules/@blinkmobile/angularjs-draft-queue/dist/bm-angularjs-draft-queue.js"></script>

then configure the draft queue to use a table in the bmDrafts local db

angular.module('forms', ['bmDraftQueue' /*... other deps */])
       .config(['draftQueueProvider', function (draftQueueProvider) {
          draftQueueProvider.config({appName: 'demoApp'})
angular.bootstrap(document, ['forms'])


  • draftQueueList - Component that displays the items saved in the pending queue
  • bmDraftQueueService - Service that wraps LocalForage to save data to the device in a specific format. Broadcasts events on $rootScope

bmDraftQueueService (service)

How it works

AngularJS Draft Queue works by injecting a HTTP Interceptor into the interceptors array. If a POST or PUT request with a Content Type header of application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json is successful, the corresponding entry in draft queue is removed.


Gulp is used for building the dist/ folder and running the karma tests.

For convenience, npm scripts have been setup to run Gulp

npm test - gulp test-single run npm run test-e2e - run protractor e2e tests npm run test-human - starts a local web server and opens a browser for human testing npm run build - create the dist/ folder with both unminified and minified files