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Blink Forms CLI npm

Transform a BlinkMobile Forms definitions into a functioning web form.

Currently supports conversion to AngularJS 1.5+


Usage: bm forms

Where command is one of:

init, create, build

Initialising the builder properties

Asks a series of questions to initialise the library build folders, and then copies the Framework templates to the specified folder.

init => creates or appends configuration details to .blinkmrc.json

Creating the Library Source

Reads your Forms definition and uses the Framework templates to build the library source, and then saves it to the specified folder. This command will build the library automatically, however you can prevent this command from building so that you can edit the source files if you require further customisation of your forms library

create => uses the framework templates to create the source for the forms library --no-build => does not build the compiled library

Building the Library distribution file

If you have modified your source files you will need to build the library, otherwise this command is automatically run when you run 'create'

build => builds the library file from the source folder