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Make any Bulma element collapsible with ease

This components as been developped as a Bulma extension and bring you the ability to easily Collapse/Exand any kind of element/component.
We designed it to be as generic as possible, that's why its Sass part is lighter than in its ancestor (Wikiki's bulma-accordion component). But don't worry you can still use it for accordion purpose - and even more.

npm npm


This component extends Bulma CSS Framework and requires it to work.

Get Started

npm i -D @creativebulma/bulma-collapsible

Full installation steps can be found here: installation steps

Live demo

Live demo


See documentation


This library uses Jest & Puppeteer for test purpose.

Jest is a testing framework maintained by Facebook that works great with Puppeteer, a library for controlling Headless Chrome which bring the ability to test UI.

$ npm run test

If you want to run tests using the amazing Majestic UI execute the following command from your terminal:

$ npx majestic

Caution: You have to run gulp to build project before running tests if you have modified sources (test process is working with headless browser so it uses compiled files).

About the project

BulmaCollapsible is © 2019 by CreativeBulma.

This project is based on the work done by Wikiki (who is part of our team).

If you enjoy this component, have a look at our CreativeBulma MarketPlace and discover Free and Premium Bulma components and Templates.


BulmaCollapsible is distributed under MIT license.


Contribution are welcome!
When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.


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