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This fork of material-design-lite modifies it to be used with react-mdl and contains several other fixes.

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material-design-lite and react-mdl are both deprecated and unlikely to be updated in the future. Meanwhile there are some pain points which we fix with this package.

  1. react-mdl requires a 1.2.1 build of material-design-lite with additional patches applied [1]. We however want to use the newer 1.3.0 version. This package applies the patches from react-mdl on the 1.3.0 version.
  2. material-design-lite does not use SASS-colors (See https://github.com/google/material-design-lite/issues/146). In this package we fix that
  3. material-design-lite comes with over 60MB of pre-generated CSS which is not needed if only SASS is used.
  4. material-design-lite init is really slow if iterating over large arrays of items. This package fixes this by wrapping upgradeElementInternal with setTimout(..., 0)


yarn add @eccenca/material-design-lite


To import the javascript, simply require it:

import '@eccenca/material-design-lite';

To use the sass, simply use:

import '@eccenca/material-design-lite/src/material-design-lite';


This projects is licensed under (Apache-2.0 AND MIT), as it contains source code from material-design-lite which is Apache-2.0 licensed and react-mdl which is MIT licensed.