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AtomicMarket JavaScript

JS Library to read data from the atomicmarket contract which is based on the atomicassets NFT standard.

Contract / General Documentation can be found on https://github.com/pinknetworkx/atomicmarket-contract/wiki


This is a Node.js module available through the npm registry. Installation is done using the npm install command:

$ npm install atomicmarket


Web library can be found in the dist folder

// standard import
const {ExplorerApi} = require("atomicmarket");
// ES6 import
import {ExplorerApi} from "atomicmarket"


There are two methods available to fetch data from the blockchain.

  • ExplorerAPI: uses an hosted API which proves simple and fast REST API endpoints
  • RpcAPI: uses only native nodeos calls

Explorer API

The explorer API uses eosio-contract-api to query data about the NFTs. A documentation of each endpoint and its responses can be found here. It is recommended to self-host the API for the best performance.


// init Explorer Api
// endpoint: server where atomicmarket api is deployed
// namespace: used namespace for the API
// options:
// - fetch: either node-fetch module or the browser equivalent
const api = new ExplorerApi("https://test.wax.api.atomicassets.io", "atomicmarket", {fetch});

const asset = await api.getSale("100");


Currently missing


Each method returns the unmodified response from the API call. For more information look at the Models on the documentation


Coming eventually