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Display pretty Android and iOS logs without Android Studio or Console.app, with intuitive Command Line Interface.


This fork is a fix for Windows 10 + RN 0.60.5+ along with added compilation from TS to JS. It enables to use logkitty for RN 0.60.5 (somewhat, cause you still need to use a function below), and Windows.

I use it by calllin this piece of code:

const { logkitty, makeTagsFilter, formatEntry, formatError, AndroidPriority } = require('@talaikis/logkitty')
const { logger } = require('@react-native-community/cli-tools')

async function logAndroid () {
  logger.info('Starting logkitty')

  const emitter = logkitty({
    platform: 'android',
    priority: AndroidPriority.VERBOSE,
    filter: makeTagsFilter('ReactNative', 'ReactNativeJS')

  emitter.on('entry', entry => {

  emitter.on('error', error => {


yarn global add @talaikis/logkitty

Or if you prefer having it locally:

yarn add -D @talaikis/logkitty
yarn logkitty --help


logkitty <platform> <command> [options]

Command line help

You can inspect available platforms, command and options for a given platform by adding -h at the end, for example:

logkitty -h # prints available platforms and global options
logkitty android -h # prints commands and options for android
logkitty android tag -h # prints tag command syntax and options for android


  • platform: android:
    • tag <tags...> - Show logs with matching tags.
    • app <appId> - Show logs from application with given identifier.
    • match <regexes...> - Show logs matching given patterns (all regexes have flags g and m).
    • custom <patterns...> - Use custom patters supported by Logcat.
    • all - Show all logs.
  • platform: ios:
    • tag <tags...> - Show logs with matching tags (where tag is usually a name of the app).
    • match <regexes...> - Show logs matching given patterns (all regexes have flags g and m).
    • all - Show all logs.


  • common:
    • -h, --help - Display help
    • -v, --version - Display version
  • platform android:

    tag, app, match and all commands support additional priority filtering options (sorted by priority):

    • -U, -u - Unknown priority (lowest)
    • -v, -v - Verbose priority
    • -D, -d - Debug priority (default)
    • -I, -i - Info priority
    • -W, -w - Warn priority
    • -E, -e - Error priority
    • -F, -f - Fatal priority
    • -S, -s - Silent priority (highest)

    For example logkitty android all -W will display all logs with priority warn, error and fatal.

  • platform ios:

    tag, match and all commands support additional level filtering options:

    • -D, -d - Debug level
    • -I, -i - Info level
    • -E, -e - Error level


Show all logs with tag ReactNativeJS (and default priority - debug and above):

logkitty android tag ReactNativeJS
logkitty ios tag ReactNativeJS

Show all logs with priority info and above from application with identifier com.example.myApplication:

logkitty android app com.example.myApplication -i

Show all logs matching /CodePush/gm regex:

logkitty android match CodePush
logkitty ios match CodePush

Show all logs with priority error or fatal for Android and _error level for iOS:

logkitty android all -e
logkitty ios all -e

Show logs using custom patterns - silence all logs and display only the onces with tag my-tag and priority debug and above:

logkitty android custom *:S my-tag:D

Node API

If your building a tool and want to use Node API, head over to Node API documentation.


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