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That repository was created in an effort to simplify the development of Talend's front-end stack.

Travis CI


  • Single code repository / Multiple packages
  • Global (cross package) test and review tools
  • Unified stack versions
  • Easy cross packages development

The stack

Tools (dev environment)

:warning: If you've used lerna bootstrap in the past, please start by running lerna clean or you will have bad behavior with the following tools.

yarn run build

Just build all the packages for static purpose. It execute the prepublish npm script in all sub packages.

yarn run watch

The stack has one entry point:

yarn run watch

This watcher will trigger build and sync inside the stack for you.

For example if you modify a component, it will rebuild components into lib folder. Because we use yarn workspace all dependencies use that lib folder content.

Be warned the delete or rename are not taken into account.

yarn start

To start to dev on a package and see it in action just use one of the following

  • yarn start-components on localhost:6006
  • yarn start-containers on localhost:6007
  • yarn start-forms on localhost:6008
  • yarn start-theme on localhost:1337

Versions and breaking changes

See the wiki

Visual regression

The visual regression test aren't no launched by travis on each PR because they are slower and can generate false positive.

The test is manually by this commander

node screenshots -p PULL_REQUEST_ID -c ./screenshots/SCENARIO_TO_TEST.json

3 years ago