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This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

IC-M330 Simulation

Simulation of the ICOM IC-M330 radio set.

To run the project change into subdirectoy simulator, then execute:

$ npm install
$ npm start

Then open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

Build importable package

$ npm install
$ npm run webpack

Publish package to npm

$ npm login
$ npm publish --access public

Using the package

$ npm install @talent-factory/simulator

This can then be imported as following:

import { RadioSimulator } from '@talent-factory/simulator';


Furthermore, the assets inside the npm package (@talent-factory/simulator/build) need to be mapped to the root / of the application, otherwise the source path won't point to the files.

Release Notes


  • Build package with webpack
  • Set favicon and title


  • Fix the list at distress-CANCEL
  • DSC2 & Coastst.: fix ALARM OFF
  • DSC2 & Coastst.: fic INFO/BACK issue


  • DSC2 & Coastst.: implemented the 4 call buttons
  • DSC2 & Coastst.: ACK button only when needed


  • CH-up-button: fix the pushed-image
  • DSC Address input: fix 'FIN' function
  • DSC 'All Ships' call also shown at the Coaststation
  • Volume change: add speaker images
  • 16/C & CLR: fix STBY/RT status switch
  • 16/C: fix emit power switch
  • Ch Group change: fix the menus
  • Left Arrow: selects last menu if appropriate
  • Menu: select last menu at correct position


  • Tutorial can be solved automatically
  • No Distress when Channel Group ATIS is selected
  • Channel change and 16/C: fix emit power setting
  • Ch Group change: fix the call channel selection
  • Ch Group change: switch to last selected channel of group
  • GPS: input with 4 fraction digits for the minute
  • GPS & UTC: consistent initial & GPS3000 values
  • Main Display: stop satellite blinking when GPS is on
  • Softkey 'CHAN' removes 'DW 16' unconditionally


  • Tutorial Mode
  • Show version in the case's handle
  • Some bug fixes


  • Distress/DSC: Integration of the DSC-Devices
  • Distress/DSC: Adopted Wheel/PTT/CLR and '<' -buttons
  • Distress/DSC: Enhancements of the STBY/INFO/BACK -functions
  • Distress: Implement PAUSE / INFO
  • Various bug fixes


  • Distress/Other DSC: First integration into Reply-Dialogs
  • GPS-Device: set default position and the current time
  • DSC: All Ships Call implemented


  • Distress: completed the procedures
  • Other DSC: several enhancements
  • Missing Position alert after 10 minutes
  • TX is not possible for according channels
  • CALL/DUP: corrected the indication
  • Menu: Radio Settings -> Channel Group
  • Channel Group: several enhancements


  • Sound: correct initialisation of context
  • Menu: implement Channel Group selection
  • Improved scrolling with the Wheel knob


  • Advanced structure in Device rendering, including Microphone and Cable
  • Channel change display showing the characteristics of the CH
  • Volume & Squelch input on more display-states


  • Squelch: sound a "white noise" when value <= 2
  • MainDisplay: more animations
  • Switching SoftKeys on MainDisplay
  • Menu: Submenu integration


The simulation is built with PNG graphics. Basic functions implemented are:

  • Power on/off
  • MainDisplay (Betriebsdisplay): HI/LO
  • Volume and Squelch
  • Knob turnings
  • Menu: first version
  • Position Input (LAT, LON, UTC)
  • Distress: first three screens
  • PTT Button