3.0.1 • Published 3 years ago

@talentsoft-opensource/uxp-themes v3.0.1

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This package gathers common styles and assets related to the UXP theme.
It includes less files, fonts and images.

How to use it ?

  1. Install the NPM package:
yarn add @talentsoft-opensource/uxp-themes
  1. Import the module in your source code
    To reference the less entry point:
@import "~@talentsoft-opensource\uxp-themes\dist\assets\styles\index.less";

You can also reference files individually, like:

@import "~@talentsoft-opensource\uxp-themes\dist\assets\styles\colors.less";

Dynamic less

The less provided by this package is dynamic and could not be compiled without providing global variables:

  • themeColor
  • fontColorOnTheme
  • fontColorOnNeutral
  • backgroundColor
  • backgroundOpacity

2.4.10 rename @vader instead of @vader