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@talves/gatsby-theme-site-provider v0.0.1

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Gatsby theme for adding shadowable theme provider to multiple Gatsby themes for composition.

yarn add gatsby-theme-site-provider

In your theme, import and export the provider exports in src/provider.js.

// example provider.js
export * from '@talves/gatsby-theme-site-provider'

Wrap our theme in an isolated provider, but make sure we pass along the consumers preference to wrapRootElement with the default provider.

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = options => {
  const wrapRootElement = options && options.wrapRootElement;
  return {
    plugins: [
        resolve: `@talves/gatsby-theme-site-provider`,
        options: {

If you want to use a different theme for all the themes using @talves/gatsby-theme-site-provider then shadow the themes/index.js file in this plugin.

// src/@talves/gatsby-theme-site-provider/themes/index.js
export { default } from '@theme-ui/preset-swiss'

To shadow the provider you should add this plugin to your main site, then shadow it using the path below from your own provider. This is ONLY needed of you have some special setup that will extend the provider for all the themes.

// src/@talves/gatsby-theme-site-provider/provider.js
export * from '../../provider'

End-users of a theme that is built with gatsby-theme-site-provider can shadow the same provider.js in the theme to use the theme context of the site. Make sure to flag wrapRootElement: false in options for all themes then wrapRootElement: true for the site to use the same provider.