2.8.0-beta.0 • Published 3 years ago

@talves/netlify-cms v2.8.0-beta.0

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3 years ago

Netlify CMS without React

There be Dragons 🐲🐉 here!

yarn add @talves/netlify-cms@beta

Differences from netlify-cms packages

The only changes this beta release should change are below. These are not breaking changes to netlify-cms, but does require React and ReactDOM as external dependencies. Solves the issue of a single React instance.

  • removes React, ReactDOM to external peer dependencies
  • removes the Media libraries from the build. (import and register if needed)

This is a proof of concept module library as beta.

Do NOT use this library version for anything but testing (at this time)!

NOTE: netlify-cms is a non reusable library @talves/netlify-cms attempts to solve this issue.