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Adonis Queue Provider

A job queuing provider that leverages Bull for the AdonisJS framework.

This library provides an easy way to get started with an asynchronous job queue for AdonisJS.


npm install --save adonis-bull


Register it in bootstrap/app.js:

const providers = [

Also consider adding an alias to the provider.

const aliases = {
  Queue: 'Adonis/Addons/Queue'

Register the commands:

const aceProviders = [


const commands = [

Add a configuration file in config/queue.js. For example:

'use strict';

const Env = use('Env');

module.exports = {
  redis: {
    connectionString: 'redis://localhost:6379'


Starting the listener

Starting an instance of the queue listener is easy with the included ace command. Simply run ./ace queue:listen.

The provider looks for jobs in the app/Jobs directory of your AdonisJS project and will automatically register a handler for any jobs that it finds.

Creating your first job

Jobs are easy to create. They live in app/Jobs and they are a simple class. They expose the following properties:

concurrencyfalsenumbertrueThe number of concurrent jobs the handler will accept
keytruestringtrueA unique key for this job
handletruefunctionfalseA function that is called for this job.

Here's an example.

Dispatching jobs

Now that your job listener is running and ready to do some asynchronous work, you can start dispatching jobs.

const queue = use('Queue');
const Job = require('./app/Jobs/Example');
const data = { test: 'data' };
queue.dispatch(Job.key, data);


Special thanks to the creator(s) of AdonisJS for creating such a great framework.


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