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AdonisJS Cote Router

Using this package it is easy to use default route registration similar to what adonis provides.

Note: This package is under active development


Change to your project directory and run the following command in your favourite terminal:

npm install adonis-cote-router


To use package discovery AdonisJS requires some configuration.

In your application starting script you should have something like following:

const { Ignitor } = require("@adonisjs/ignitor");

new Ignitor(require("@adonisjs/fold"));

This initialize the Ignitor or the package that fires up AdonisJS framework

I found it conveinient to create a new file in start directory named cote.js to contain all the codes specific to cote and preload the file in the ignitor as following:

new Ignitor(require("@adonisjs/fold")).preLoad("./start/cote");

And inside the cote.js file I require the routes and then invoke listen method.

const Router = require("../routes");

const redisHOST = process.env.COTE_DISCOVERY_REDIS_HOST;
const redisPORT = process.env.COTE_DISCOVERY_REDIS_PORT;

Router.prepare(redisHOST, redisPORT, {
  name: "App Service",
  key: "app-microservice",
  port: 5401


To keep http routes and cote routes seperate I create a new directory named routes in the root directory and reference it from the cote.js as shown earlier.

Inside routes directory I keep an index.js file where I put all my cote routes.

const Router = require("adonisjs-cote-router");

Router.get("/", "HomeController@index");

Router.post("/user", "UserController@store");
Router.put("/user", "UserController@update");
Router.delete("/user", "UserController@delete");

Currently the route path doesn't support router parameters yet but soon they will be supported.

To able to discover automatically the controllers must recide inside app\Controllers\Http directory. In near future I plan to work on keeping the routes related to cote inside its own directory like app\Controllers\Cote

By default Cote is not statefull which means it does not care about the HTTP methods. But its nice to group the routes based on their methods and it will improve readability.

Router class has the following public api's:

get/post/put/delete Generic route create methods

namespace to create a new namespaced route groups

Router.namespace("admin", () => {
  Router.get("/", "AdminController@index"); // route: `admin/get/`
  Router.get("/profile", "AdminController@index"); // route `admin/get/profile`

group to create a route group

Router.group(() => {
  Router.get("/", "AdminController@index");
  Router.get("/profile", "AdminController@index");

Groupped routes doesn't add anything with the route path but they are particularly useful for creating middleware like the example above. Middlewares are also subject to auto discovery. Cote middlewares are exactly same as AdonisJS middlewares, they are classes resided in the app\Middlewares directory with handle method which is actually invoked when the middleware is executed.

Middlewares are available to both namespace, group and get/post/put/delete methods. Chaining a middleware mehtod at the end with an array of middleware class names or a single one will add them with the namespaced/groupped/single route

This is an early development of this project and subject to flaws. If you experience any then it will be really helpful if you can open an issue.

Thank you for having interest on this. Any help is appreciated.


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