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Aardvark (advk)

Lightweight abstraction for executing task runners like Grunt, Gulp, etc.


Install the advk CLI globally:

$ npm install -g advk


Create a .advk.json file in your project directory (or one of its ancestors) to tell Aardvark where to find your task runner and how to execute it.

    "taskRunnerDir": "path/to/gruntjs",
    "taskRunnerBin": "grunt",
    "workingDirArg": "--cwd"
  • taskRunnerDir - path to the task runner. This is where your Gruntfile.js, gulpfile.js, etc lives; at the very least should contain a package.json. Aardvark will perform an npm install in this directory if necessary.
  • taskRunnerBin - the name of the bin file for the task runner e.g. grunt, gulp, etc.
  • workingDirArg - name of the commandline arg to specify the working directory to run the tasks on (i.e. the directory you ran advk from)

Execute advk in the directory you want to run tasks on, all arguments are passed through to the relevant task runner.

$ advk build test

For example, given the .advk.json file above (in the ~/Projects dir) and running advk build test in ~/Projects/example will result in Aardvark performing roughly the following operations:

$ cd ~/Projects/path/to/gruntjs
$ npm install
$ node_modules/.bin/grunt --cwd ~/Projects/example build test


Copyright (c) 2014 Orion Health MIT License (enclosed)