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configure-me v1.0.1

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Welcome To The Configure-Me Page

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If you have any issues please report them at Issues-And-Reports

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Run the following in a terminal to install the latest version of configure-me

npm install configure-me

Or to install a specific version run the following (replace 1.1.0 with the version you would like installed)

npm install configure-me@1.1.0


Done | Not Done | Working On It 🚧

  • Add support for .env 🚧

What's New In The Next Update?

Added | Removed 🔪 | Fixed 🔧

  • .env file generation


Creating And Developing : AshtonTheDeveloper


I hope you all enjoy using this simple but fun to create tool. If you do stick around to see what I might create in the future. I hope you have a great day or night.