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endive-scss v0.9.1

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Simplistic SCSS framework to assist in rapid front-end development


  • Light-weight
  • Add new classes easily with mixins
  • Unified variables file
  • Gulp-ready
  • Easy to pick and choose components you want

The framework is broken up into two folders, /mixins and /partials. The classes and styles are created in /partials, which utilize the matching file in /mixins.


Endive uses mixins to build a lot of the default classes included in the framework. For example, let's take a look at the primary button class .button.button-primary built with the following mixin:

@include make-button('primary', $color-primary);

This yields a button with the additional class .button-primary and a background with the color stored in the $color-primary variable. The full mixin parameters are:

@mixin make-button(
    $color: $button-color,
    $padding: $button-padding,
    $font-size: $button-font-size
) {}

As you can see, the $title and $background attributes are the only ones required by the mixin, the others pull in default values stores in the main base/_variables.scss file.

For responsive development, this framework is built mobile-first. All attributes start off as mobile-facing and as the screen size is scaled up, are changed accordingly. Utilize the following mixin to adjust styles depending on screen size:

.some-class {
    width: 100%; /* Mobile width */

    @include make-scale($breakpoint-medium) {
        width: 720px; /* Tablet width */

The default breakpoints, stored in the _variables.scss file, are as follows:

$breakpoint-small: 480px;
$breakpoint-medium: 768px;
$breakpoint-large: 1024px;
$breakpoint-xlarge: 1200px;


You can include endive in your project by cloning the repo directly into your project and running gulp from the root project directory. This will compile the main endive.scss file and dump endive.css and a minified endive.min.css file into the build directory.

Alternatively you can run npm install endive-scss which will add the project to node_modules/endive-scss, at which point you can reference either the pre-built CSS files or endive.scss to add to your current project.


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