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express-youtube-video-upload v1.0.0

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 npm install express-youtube-video-uploader --save


 const { videoUpload } = require('express-youtube-video-uploader');


Google Console configuration: 1. Go to: https://console.developers.google.com/ 2. After you have created a project go to Credentials tab 3. Click on + Create Credentials 4. Select OAuth Client ID > Select Application type (Web Application) 5. Add URI (in my example: http://localhost:5010) 6. Add authorised redirect (in my example: http://localhost:5010/oauth2callback) 7. After you have clicked on the save button, make sure you copy the client_id, client_secret and redirect_uris values. You can even download them after you have saved the OAuth Client.

In you app usage:

Call videoUpload function with following params:

  auth: {
    clientId: String // google client id
    clientSecret: String // google client secret
    redirectUris: // google redirectUris, example: ['http://localhost:5010/oauth2callback']
  clientUrl: '/oauth2callback'
  path: './test.mp4', // path to video (String) (Required)
  title: 'First video on youtube', // video title on youtube (String) (Required)
  tags: ['first', 'video', 'youtube'], // array of tags: (Array) (Optional)
  description: 'First video on youtube.', // video description (String) (Optional)
  status: // default it is 'public', other options are 'private', 'unlisted' (String) (Optional)
  showUploadProgress: // showing upload progress, by default it is false (Boolean) (Optional)
5010 // port which was added in the google console

You can upload only 5-6 videos on youtube using this method per day. Your daily quota is 10000 units per day, and a video upload costs approximately 1600 units. You can increase your daily quota: https://support.google.com/youtube/contact/yt_api_form