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You can view all the flags here: http://hjnilsson.github.io/country-flags/

This repository contains renders of all the worlds flags in SVG and PNG format.

The source files were taken from Wikipedia and are not under copyright protection since flags are effectively in public domain (there may be other restrictions on how the flag can be used though).

The flags are named by their 2-letter ISO country code.

Also included is a JSON file that maps the ISO country code to the name of the country.

Arbitrary Width

If you would like the flags in a different width than 250px, you can easily use a combination of svgexport and imagemin-cli from NPM to get that.

Run the following commands in the svg/ directory to get PNGs of a desired width:

npm install -g svgexport imagemin-cli
for file in *.svg; do svgexport $file "`basename $file svg`png" pad 1000: ; done
imagemin *.png ../compressed-pngs/
rm *.png

Replace 1000: with whatever width you want (note the :), or type :200 to get PNGs with a height of 200px.