0.0.1 • Published 6 years ago

global-data-manager v0.0.1

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Save project-global variables in one location, manage and access them anywhere


This module originally served to store server configurations in a single location and accessing/changing them throughout the server files as necessary. I've since come across dozens of similar scenarios since that have led to the creation of this module. With the global-data-manager, you can create, modify, or delete project-global variables in any file without the hassel of exporting and importing variables from multiple files.

Accessing variables

all - Retrieves all the store properties and values

fetch - Retrieves the key-value pair

put - Stores the key-value pair, over-writes the key if it already exists

create - Creates the key-value pair, will not over-write the key if it already exists

erase - Removes the property from the global store

copy - Copy the value from one property to another

rename - Rename a property without changing the value

Usage Example

const Manager = require('global-silo-manager')

const store1 = new Manager(1)
const store2 = new Manager(2)

store1.put('id', 1)
store2.put('id', 2)

store1.all() // returns { id: 1 }
store2.all() // returns { id: 2 }