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A command line tool that scans Shodan for Minecraft servers and shows you details about them. npm.io


repl.it (recommended)

There is a repl.it available here! All you have to do is fork it, go to the Secrets tab and add your Shodan API key to the GRIEFFICIENT_API_KEY secret.

This is perfect if you do not want to install Node.js for a simple project like this, or if you are unable to do so.

I cannot guarantee that I'll update it all the time, and I am not exactly sure how repl.it works (because I'm not that sort of dev).

If you have an issue regarding the repl.it, do not add a comment. I do not read repl.it comments, and I will ignore any issues reported through a comment. Go make an issue on GitHub instead.

NPM package

You can install it as a global NPM package by running this command: npm i -g griefficient

note, on Linux, you might have to use sudo or doas to run that command.

I recommend you to install it through NPM if you just want to use Griefficient, and not develop it.

Now go set up your environment variables!

And now you should be able to run griefficient in your terminal.


git clone https://github.com/Odyssey346/Griefficient
cd Griefficient
nix-shell # if you're on NixOS you can just do this, and skip to the last part
npm i
npm run start # Start a thing that restarts Griefficient every time you make a change
npm run start:windows # If you're on Windows you'll have to do this instead.

Environment Variables

You need to set the GRIEFFICIENT_API_KEY environment variable to your Shodan API key.

Guide for Windows

Guide for Linux


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