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This project is pending archival in favor of a fork of the Closure Compiler I am working on which will have all of these externs builtin by default. As such, it would be unadvisable to start any new projects using this library in the future.

Haximilian Closure Externs

Common extern files I use in a lot of my projects

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Getting Started

First, install Haximilian Closure Externs into your project. The recommended way of doing this is using NPM with the -D or --save-dev option to save haximilian-closure-externs as a development dependency in your package.json file:

npm i -D haximilian-closure-externs

From there, feel free to use any of the following externs files, all of which can be found under the "/externs" directory:

  • amd.js: A file providing a very basic definition of the global objects present in the AMD specification.
  • cjs.js: A file which defines the exports & module.exports objects for use in compiling CommonJS modules.
  • event.js: A detailed definition of the EventEmitter API Provided by Node JS
  • thenable.js: A super-simple definition of the JavaScript "thenable" API as implemented by the Promise standard

Interacting with our Community

Welcome to the Haximilian Closure Externs Community! We're happy you're here! We're doing our best to make Haximilian Closure Externs be the perfect logging API that you always wanted, but before you reach out to us with your questions or complaints, please be sure to read through the following documents to help streamline all correspondence and make the process as pleasant and headache-free as possible:


Copyright © 2018 Haximilian This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Agreement v3.0 (AGPL-3.0). For a complete copy of the license, please see the included "LICENSE" file.


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