1.0.0 • Published 5 years ago

hexo-nanoid v1.0.0

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Use ai/nanoid to generate abbreviated post links.

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  • Compatible with hexo new to generate ID for new posts.
  • ID validatation on existing posts to ensure the uniqueness.
  • Ability to autofix invalid and conflicted post IDs.
  • Event nanoid:generate is emitted after each ID generation.


The following list shows the descending precedence of config files. (The first one presented is used.)

  • Key nanoid in <hexo_root>/_config.yml
  • Key theme_config.nanoid in <hexo_root>/_config.yml
  • Key nanoid in <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/_config.yml
  • Inline default config
interface HexoNanoIdOptions {
   * Autofix invalid or conflicted IDs.
   * @default false
  autofix: boolean

   * Max try to find an unique ID.
   * @default 10
  maxtry: number | "Infinity"

   * Ensure the ID uniqueness when creating a new post,
   * which somewhat slow down the new post generation
   * since all posts will be loaded and validated.
   * The uniqueness of the new post ID is not guaranteed if this config is set to `false`.
   * Check https://zelark.github.io/nano-id-cc/ for more info about collision probability.
   * @default true
  check_on_new: boolean

  /*** Configuring nanoid library ***/

   * @default 21
  length: number

   * @default "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-"
  characters?: string