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hod-foundation v0.0.1

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BRP Application project for nodejs

Docker Repository on Quay.io

Quick start

Install the dependencies and build the project resources

$ npm install

Initiate the server in development mode (Express is used to serve the static resources in development).

$ npm run dev

Then select one of the following journeys to see the applcation in action

See the development documentation for a complete description of the application and how to maintain and support BRP.

NPM scripts

Start the application in default mode (production). We use Nginx to serve our static resources in production and ci.

$ npm start

Start the application with Nodemon in development mode. Debug is switched on and the server restarts when the JS or Sass are recompiled.

$ npm run dev

Run the unit tests

$ npm run test

Run the EcmaScript (ES) linter. Rules are defined in .eslintrc

$ npm run lint

Run the jscs style checker. Rules are defined in .jscsrc.json

$ npm run style

Analyse the quality of the codebase (for results - open ./reports/plato/index.html)

$ npm run quality

Compile the Sass to CSS

$ npm run sass