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jinabox.js is a lightweight, customizable omnibox. You can use it for searching text, images, videos, audio or any kind of data with a Jina backend.

jinabox.js in Action

Spin up a Jina Docker Image

jinabox.js is a frontend for Jina. You will need to spin up a Jina backend to get search results. Based on what you want to search, run one of our example Jina backends:

  • Pokedex (real image data): docker run -p 65481:65481 -e "JINA_PORT=65481" jinaai/hub.app.bitsearch-pokedex search
  • Southpark (real text data): docker run -p 45678:45678 jinaai/hub.app.distilbert-southpark
  • MP4 mock (placeholder video data): docker run -p 65481:65481 -e "JINA_PORT=65481" jinaai/hub.app.iomock.mp4 search
  • Wav mock (placeholder audio data): docker run -p 65481:65481 -e "JINA_PORT=65481" jinaai/hub.app.iomock.sound search

Open jinabox.js in your Browser

Just go to https://jina.ai/jinabox.js/ in your browser to open up the search interface.

Set Server Endpoint

Based on the Docker port you are exposing (i.e. 65481 or 45678 in above Docker images), set jinabox's server endpoint to:


Start Searching!

Drag and drop images, video, or audio, or type in text to search.

jinabox.js in Your Project

In HTML, include the minified script:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/jinabox"></script>
    jb = window.JinaBox
    jb.init('');  // is the endpoint of the REST gateway of a Jina backend.

Then create a container where the searchbar/floater is to appear:




Now you can drag anything from anywhere (local/browser/webpage) to it and conduct the search.

Ready to learn Jina? Read our 101 tutorials.

Using with a module bundler

npm install jinabox


yarn add jinabox


  • Easy-to-use web component for Jina search backend
  • Users can drag and drop multi-modal data as search queries
  • Webcam and microphone support (in progress, contributions welcome! ❤️)
  • Visualize search results in a dropdown list or separate container
  • Highly customizable

Supported MIME types

MIME typeInput (Query)Output (Result)Description
textTypingList onlyText-only data including any human-readable content, source code, or textual data such as comma-separated value (CSV) formatted data. Examples include text/plain, text/csv, and text/html.
imageDrag-and-drop<img> Containers in list/grid viewImage or graphical data including both bitmap and vector still images as well as animated versions of still image formats like animated GIF or APNG. Common examples are image/jpeg, image/png, and image/svg+xml.
videoDrag-and-drop, webcam<video> containers in list/grid viewVideo data or files, such as MP4 movies (video/mp4).
audioDrag-and-drop, webcam, mic<audio> containers in list viewAudio or music data. Examples include audio/mpeg, audio/vorbis.


themeColor theme: persian, pompelmo, honeybee, none
typewriterEffectEnable typewriter effect on the placeholder
typewriterDelayItemTime (ms) delay between every placeholder
typewriterDelayCharacterTime (ms) delay between each character

Browser Support

jinabox.js runs on modern browsers supporting Web Audio, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari (desktop and mobile) and Opera.


SSL Error on Localhost

Try http://localhost:65481/api/search, make sure to use http and localhost, instead of


Copyright (c) 2020 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved.

Jina is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.


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