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Assertion library for executed commands.

Proudly made with ♥ in Valencia, Spain, EU.


  • Allow to assert child processes.


npm install justo-assert-cli

Table of content

  1. Child processes

Child processes

A child processes is a process created by another process. With this library we can create child processes and assert their outputs easily.


To run a child process, we must use the spawn() function:

spawn(file : string, opts : object = {}) : object
spawn(file : string, args : string[], opts : object = {}) : object
spawn(dir : string, file : string, opts : object = {}) : object
spawn(dir : string, file : string, args : string[], opts : object = {}) : object

The dir indicates the parent directory and the file parameter the file. The args contains the arguments to pass. And the opts parameter contains additional info:

  • workingDir (string). The working directory.
  • stdin (string). The standard input.
  • env (object). The environment.
  • timeout (number). The maximum amount of time to run, in milliseconds.

The library runs the command and it returns a result object with the following attributes:

  • command (string). The executed command.
  • arguments (string[]). The arguments.
  • workingDir (string). The working directory.
  • pid (number). The PID.
  • stdin (string). The standard input.
  • stdout (string). The standard output.
  • stderr (string). The standard error output.
  • exitCode (number). The exit code.
  • error (object). If error, the error object.

Here are some examples, asserting with justo-assert:

const spawn = require("justo-assert-cli").spawn;

spawn("node", ["-e", "console.log(1+2)"]).must.have({
  command: "node",
  arguments: ["-e", "console.log(1+2)"],
  workingDir: undefined,
  stdin: undefined,
  stdout: "3\n",
  stderr: "",
  exitCode: 0,
  error: undefined

spawn("node", {stdin: "console.log('Msg'); console.error('Error msg')"}).must.have({
  command: "node",
  arguments: [],
  workingDir: undefined,
  stdin: "console.log('Msg'); console.error('Error msg')",
  stdout: "Msg\n",
  stderr: "Error msg\n",
  exitCode: 0,
  error: undefined