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maven v5.0.0

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Maven for Node.js

Node.js package that wraps Apache Maven.


npm install maven

Basic usage

    const mvn = require('maven').create({
      cwd: '/path/to/your/maven-project'
    mvn.execute(['clean', 'install'], { 'skipTests': true }).then(() => {
      // As mvn.execute(..) returns a promise, you can use this block to continue
      // your stuff, once the execution of the command has been finished successfully.

Creating the Maven wrapper instance

Creating a Maven wrapper instance is pretty much straight forward:

    const mvn = require('maven').create(options);

The following options can be passed to the create method:

cwd (default: process.cwd())

This parameter can be used to define the working directory when invoking the Maven command line.

cmd (default: ./mvnw if present in project root, otherwise mvn (or mvn.bat on Windows))

Maven executable relative to cwd. For example, cwd: '/usr/local/bin/mvn

file (default: undefined)

Can be used to pass a specific POM file to the Maven command line. If nothing is specified, the Maven process itself will look for a file called pom.xml in the base directory.

profiles (default: [])

An array that can be used to enable or disable profiles. You can either explicitly enable a profile by adding it's name or disable a profile by pre-pending ! to it's name. Will be passed to Java/Maven as -PprofileEnabled,!profileDisabled parameter.

settings (default: undefined)

Can be used to override the default settings file when invoking Maven. If nothing is specified, the Maven process itself will load .m2/settings.xml in the user's home directory.

quiet (default: false)

Quiet output - only show errors if set to true.

debug (default: false)

Produce execution debug output if set to true.

updateSnapshots (default: false)

Forces a check for missing releases and updated snapshots on remote repositories if set to true.

offline (default: false)

Produce execution offline if set to true.

nonRecursive (default: false)

Prevents Maven from building submodules if set to true.

threads (default: undefined)

Thread count, for instance 2.0C where C is core multiplied

noTransferProgress (default: false)

Suppress the transfer progress when downloading/uploading in interactive mode if set to true (requires Maven 3.6.1+).

batchMode (default: false)

Run in non-interactive (batch) mode (disables output color) if set to true.

alsoMake (default: false)

If project list is specified, also build projects required by the list

logFile (default: undefined)

Log file where all build output will go (disables output color).

Executing Maven commands

Executing Maven commands is simple, too:

mvn.execute(commands, defines);

You can optionally specify a list of projects to be build:

mvn.execute(commands, defines, projects)

commands is just a list of lifecycle phases and/or goals, e.g. 'compile', [ 'clean', 'install' ] or [ 'release:prepare', 'release:perform' ].

defines is an object that represents the various definitions that will be passed to Java/Maven via -Dkey=value parameters.