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mil-2525c-genertor is a node.js service that generates 2525c symbols using the milsymbol library. Symbols can either be saved to the disk for local use or returned individually to the browser by using the symbol code.

How to use

Run the javascript file within the bin/ folder to stand up the node.js service. The node.js service will run on localhost:3000 by default. Once the web service is running symbol generation can be accessed through the /symbol/ route of your browser.

/symbol/get/{symbolCode} - returns svg image as response to browser.
/symbol/create/{symbolCode} - generates desired symbol and saves as an .svg file to the disk.
/symbol/create/all - generates every symbol permutation and saves as .svg files to the disk.
*NOTE* The /all route will create every permutation of symbol taking up over 60gbs of space. 
Make sure you have adequate free space on machine before running.


Run the following commands in the command line to stand up the node.js service.

git clone https://github.com/ProminentEdge/mil-2525c-generator.git
cd mil-2525c-generator/bin

Once the service is running, open your browser and navigate to the following url: http://localhost:3000/symbol/get/iaaxscc----- You should see the generated symbol displayed in your browser.

Alternatively, if you would like to save the image to an svg file for local use the following url can be used: http://localhost:3000/symbol/create/iaaxscc----- After navigating to this url, the generated symbol should be saved to an svg file located one folder level up from the bin directory by default.