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pure-container is a container library for nodejs or web project.

Install package

npm install pure-container --save

What is it

  • pure-container is a container library which is builded on javascript(es6).You can use it in your nodejs project or web front-end project.

How to use it

  • import container to your es6 project and using in the project
import Container from 'pure-container';
// The Container class is a singleton class.You need use the static method getInstance to get a Container object.
const container = Container.getInstance();

// bind a class or a method which return a object
class User {
    name = '';
    age = 0;
    sex = '';
    constructor(name, age, sex){
        this.name = name;
        this.age = age;
        this.sex = sex;
container.bind('user0', User);
container.bind('user1', (container, name, age, sex) => {
    return new User(name, age, sex);
});// bind a object factory method
container.user2 = User;// bind a class by setter method
container.user3 = (container, name, age, sex) => {
    return new User(name, age, sex);
}// bind a object factory method by setter method

//create object from container with parameters
container.make('user0', 'Mr. X', 29, 'Male');
container.make('user1', 'Mrs. Y', 26, 'Female');
container.user1 // get a registered object by getter

// register a instance to container
container.instance('counter', 1);
container.instance('config', {'version': '0.0.1'});
container.config = {counter: 1};// register a singleton object by setter method
// get a instance from container
container.get('counter');// get counter singleton instance
container.get('config');// get config singleton instance
container.config;//get config object by getter method

// bind method
container.bindMethod('createUser', function(name, age, sex){
    return new User(name, age, sex);
// call the bind method by callMethodBinding    
let user = container.callMethodBinding('createUser', 'Mr. Zou', '29', 'Male');    
  • import container to your nodejs project and using in the project
const Container = require('pure-container').default;

Why we use it

  • pure-container can help you easy to organize objects which in your js project.
  • it also can be used as object factory and provider a easy way to create object by the name which you registered to container

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