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sparklejs v0.0.1

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~By An4bAsT0S


:sparkles: :star: Now your website can look like the past but on the future. :star: :sparkles:

Sparkle.js is a free, cute and 90s style library to make retro-looking websites on the world wide internet providing highly customizable geocities inspired effects and features like mouse sparkles :sparkles: and music :musical_note:.

We're inspired by the "anti-design brutalism" to make this lib and we think that the nostagia can have positive impact on the creativity and open a little bit the concept of what is good or bad design.

It's written Javascript using Ramda.js.


:sparkles: HOMEPAGE :sparkles: | :sparkles: NPM :sparkles:


~ Get Sparkled ~

Just import in your html the js :)

~ Features ~

  • Sparkling Cursor
  • Custom Cursor
  • Hit counter
  • Online Users Counter
  • Play music / playlist from spotify
  • Custom Scrollbar
  • Moving Objects
  • Animations(?)

~ License ~

Sparkle.js is available under the WTFPL license which is how the internet was like in the 90s unless you put a watermark.