0.3.0 • Published 5 years ago

transmitter-framework v0.3.0

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Declarative data-binding JavaScript framework for web applications. Transmitter.js helps you manage your application state, all the way from DOM to backend storage, no matter how complex your application is.

Transmitter.js is in early development stage and is not ready for production yet


Proposed usage examples

  • Canceling todo item label change
  • Setting empty todo label removes todo
  • Button with enabled or disabled states
  • Serialized value with on-demand transmission
  • Select box connection
  • Changing model list order preserving view state
  • Adding model to list without full view refresh
  • Managing list ordering with list entries
  • Display some property of each model in a list with repetitions
  • Two-way serialization of model list with self-references
  • Two-way serialization of nested models
  • View types dependent on model property
  • Reusing same view with different models
  • Accepting or canceling changes with intermediate models

Development tasks

  • Refactor
    • Don't use context in isolated tests, use context in scenarios.
    • Refactor payload creation methods for regular nodes and dynamic channel nodes
    • Simplify payload transformation, always use merged and separated messages
  • Implement

    • Better checks for message pass ordering in joint message
    • Update inner and outer nodes in separating channels
  • Later

    • Remove use strict (needs custom compiler for mocha, browserify and npm)

5 years ago