0.1.1-alpha.0.2 • Published 3 years ago

transmute-alpha v0.1.1-alpha.0.2

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Transmute Alpha


Install lerna with npm i lerna -g.

Next, you will need to start IPFS and testrpc locally. Run:

docker-compose up

Next, you will use the CLI to create smart contracts and publish packages using IPFS and firebase.

This demo requires you to regsiter an email and password, in order to demonstrate how the transmute framework can be used to integrate with existing backends.

npm run prep

This command compiles and deploys ethereum smart contracts, generates typescript classes from them, and builds the transmute framework.

npm run transmute-alpha

This command starts the CLI, which is used to manage etherum smart contracts and interface with firebase.


Running this command from inside the CLI will start the demo tour.