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A stripped-down, simple commitizen adapter that exposes its logic. This lets you check project-specific configs into source control.

Be a transparent commitizen.

Forked from cz-jira-smart-commit.


npm i -D transparent-commitizen
npx transparent-commitizen # This command configures tc

You can then edit your commit config by editing .commitconfig/index.js.

If you haven't already installed commitizen itself, you'll need to do so with npm i -g commitizen

Writing your own questions and format

I recommend you look at index.js, which is extremely simple, but here are some instructions anyway.

To add a question, you need ask it by adding to the the array passed to inquirer.prompt, and handle the answer by adding to the function formatAnswers.

Questions in the array passed to inquirer.prompt are a series of objects. Each one should have a type property (type: 'input' is a good place to start), a name for the question, and a message that the user will see as a prompt.

Question objects take a function called validate as an optional property. I've included a helper validate function called exists. If you want to make an answer required you can add validate: validate.exists. You can also look at exists() for the expected input and output of validate functions. If you're curious about input types or validate functions, head over to the inquirer.js docs.

Adding questions to the array of objects makes them available in the answers object. Each answer is a value keyed to the name you gave the question. So, to put to the answers to questions in your commit message, access them by their names in the formatCommit function.

Day to day work

instead of git commit, use git cz:

$ git add .
$ git cz

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