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Transpiled Published Static Application Demo

This is a test of creating a github repo that contains source files for a static application, which must be run through a build step to generate the immediately usable static version of that app, and then publishing the built static app to npm.

In NPM parlance, this is an example of a "package" that is not a "module:"

Most npm packages are modules, because they are libraries that you load with require. However, there's no requirement that an npm package be a module! Some only contain an executable command-line interface, and don't provide a main field for use in Node programs.

What GitHub Sees

Only source files get committed to the repository, so on GitHub you'll see:

  • src/
    • index.html
    • js/
      • main.js (ES6)
      • work.js (ES6)
  • .gitignore
  • .npmignore
  • README.md
  • package.json
  • webpack.config.js

We .gitignore the dist/ output directory and node_modules directory, because we don't want to keep those in the repository.

What NPM and consumers see

We nearly do the opposite here: Only build output and a few extra files get published to NPM. Therefore, on an npm install transpiled-published-static-application-demo you'll only get these in your node_modules/transpiled-published-static-application-demo directory

  • dist/
    • index.html
    • js/
      • main.js (ES5)
  • package.json
  • README.md

What developers see

If you are hacking on this module and using it, you would see both the src/ and dist/ directories after a clone and build. You could also use npm link to point your consumer project at your local copy of this project.


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