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Already set up an awesome Graphite/statsd monitoring dashboard for your applications? How about your servers? transponder is a super easy to use node daemon to send linux server stats to an existing statsd process. Just install transponder on all your servers and you're away!


To install transponder, log in to your server and run:

[sudo] npm install -g transponder


To start transponder simply use the transponder command from your terminal. The following options are configurable and set as environment variables:

  • HOST - The hostname or IP of the statsd daemon (default is localhost)
  • PORT - The port number of the statsd daemon (default is 8125)
  • INTERVAL - The sample interval, in milliseconds, desired (default is 1000)
  • PREFIX - Optional string to prefix all statsd indices with. Should include a trailing period (default is '').


HOST= PORT=8125 INTERVAL=5000 PREFIX=myprefix. transponder

###Run in the background

You'll probably want this to run in the background, the easiest way to do this is using nohup:

HOST= nohup transponder &

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