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winston-gae v0.1.1

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This module is no longer maintained. Please use the official module @google-cloud/logging-winston instead.

A Google App Engine (Managed VMs) transport for Winston. Logs will show up in the Google Developers Console Logs Viewer.


$ npm install winston
$ npm install winston-gae


var winston = require('winston');

// Requiring `winston-gae` will expose
// `winston.transports.GoogleAppEngine`
// and
// `winston.config.GoogleAppEngine.levels`

var logger = new winston.Logger({
  levels: winston.config.GoogleAppEngine.levels,
  transports: [
    new winston.transports.GoogleAppEngine({
      // capture logs at emergency level and above (all levels)
      level: 'emergency'

logger.default('this is a default message');
logger.debug('this is a debug message');
logger.info('this is my normal message');
logger.notice('this is a notice');
logger.warning('this is a warning');
logger.error('this is an error message');
logger.critical('this is a critical message');
logger.alert('this is an alert');
logger.emergency('this is an emergency');

There is one optional setting:

  • level - The lowest log level this transport will log, defaults to info

Viewing your logs

When winston-gae is used as a Winston transport in a Node.js app running on Google App Engine (Managed VMs), logs will be visible in the Google Developers Console Logs Viewer.

After selecting your Cloud project, navigate to Monitoring > Logs in the left navigation bar. Select App Engine, your module, your version, and app log type from the drop-down menus.