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Zuant Backend


Installing and deploying the Zuant Backend app:

Node install

Install NodeJS v10 and install the application dependencies:

npm install

Create a .env file with the settings for the environment into which you are deploying the application. You can use the .env-sample file as a starting point:

cp .env-sample .env

Currently used ENV settings:

HOST // e.g. localhost
PORT // the port to which the Express app should bind

Start the application

To run in dev mode (i.e. with server refresh on code change):

npm run dev

Otherwise, just point node at the entrypoint:

node .


Run unit tests:

npm run test:unit

Run API integration tests:

// after starting the application:
npm run test:integration

Run all tests:

npm t

Run specific tests:

npm run test:integration -- --grep <string or pattern>
npm run test:unit -- --grep <string or pattern>


After running tests, Unit test coverage reports will be located at ./coverage/unit

Running ngrok to expose project to the www

open a terminal window and type ngrok http -subdomain=zuantdev https://devcloud.zuant.com:3000 Open a browser window to localhost:4040 to see the ngrok dashboard if you wish

Mailgun Webhook address for ngrok (locally running server)


Updating an accounts permissions for all users

check in task-breakdown file that the correct clients collection is used ensure you are running regular http in index.js (tests dont run under https)

npm run test:integration -- --grep @updatePermissions

Deploying to AWS

this command deploys the project to elastic beanstalk instance in AWS

eb deploy

Adding IP to mongo ACL

Open a Terminal window, then use the commands below: ENTER COMMAND BELOW TO GET AUTH TOKEN curl 'https://sjc-api.objectrocket.com/v2/tokens/' --user 'daveh@zuant.com'

YOU SHOULD RECEIVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS: {"data": {"token": "IjQ2NzViODExYjBmOTQ1Y2fasdfaadsfwMmJhIg.DiC4eQ.AKqDbHgaZhCaPxr9usEoUa2tk2c", "login": "dhickson", "uid": "5269406ac3fbcc655aa9c534"}}

NOW PASTE THE TOKEN AND CORRECT IP INTO THE COMMAND BELOW AND ISSUE THE COMMAND FROM TERMINAL curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "X-Auth-Token: ImQwNDVhODI1M2FhMTQ0ODE4ZTI1NTQwNDViZDZlYmZlIg.EMrM6Q.N4Sm8oE2PRUuGueGhtS0rCwURCg" --request POST --data '{"cidr_mask":"","description":"DB home 04Dec19"}' https://sjc-api.objectrocket.com/v2/instances/rs_production/acls/

TO GET A LIST OF THE CURRENT ACL ENTRIES FOR AN INSTANCE: curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "X-Auth-Token: IjUyYzQxMWZhMzJjZDwertwertww.aJNU7iWUIaysedTIosP5I0iw_Aw" --request GET https://sjc-api.objectrocket.com/v2/instances/rs_production/acls/