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@ancademy/bespoke-cli v2.7.3

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bespoke-cli provides several commands for developers to increase speed of developing games based on @ancademy/bespoke-xxx framework. It packs some tasks of webpack and file operation , and you can refer to source code in /src to custom your own task.


npm i -g @ancademy/bespoke-cli


  -v --version    output the version number
  -h, --help      display help for command

  init            init base project structure
  add             add new sub game
  dev             dev a sub game
  build           build a sub game
  extra           extra util tasks
  help [command]  display help for command


Init project

mkdir hello-bespoke
cd hello-bespoke
bespoke-cli init
# Input project name : hello-bespoke

Add first game

bespoke-cli add
# Input game namespace : openAuction

As for the namespace, the first letter will be converted to uppercase,and then used as the game folder name. You can freely modify it later in config.ts, and it will become the routing prefix of the game. When you modify it in ' config.ts', it can be shaped like '/auction/openAuction', as a multi-layer prefix.



bespoke-cli -> choose game (OpenAuction) -> client -> HMR

The frontend code would be built by webpack-dev-server and served at port 8080 ,and HMR will be enabled when Y is selected.

Custom webpack config in config.ts:

export function updateWebpack(config) {
    return config;


  • Start mongodb and redis.
  • Configure mongodb, redis and other connection parameters in file .env. If .env does not exist, the server will connect to db with default configuration and automatically create .env on the first startup.
  • There are 2 ways to start the server :
    • @ancademy/bespoke-cli
    bespoke-cli -> choose game (OpenAuction) -> server -> HMR
    • Node(support IDE breakpoint debug)
    node --inspect -r ts-node/register OpenAuction\server.ts
    The backend server would listen on port 8081, then refer to console log, browse http://ip:8081/OpenAuction. If you enabled HMR on both end, visit port 8080 instead, request other than js bundle would be forward to port 8081.


  • Refer to console log, browse http://ip:port/OpenAuction.
  • Register-free Experience(Teacher) -> (Password 111111) -> Create Room -> Configure room parameters -> Submit -> Automatically redirect to the room console page.
  • Add Player (Player A) -> Click to open a new tab to play with the identity of this player.


bespoke-cli build -> choose game (OpenAuction) -> dist/publish

Frontend code would be packaged into namespace/dist,while backend into namespace/build. Compared with dist , publish will upload the frontend bundle to Qiniu based on the keys in .env.


  • upload package.json + dist + build to remote server
  • npm i
  • node ./build/serve.js