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@angular-material-extensions/select-icon - Angular component that allows to select an option in form of a material design icon button

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Table of Contents


View all the directives and components in action at https://angular-material-extensions.github.io/select-country

Library's components

  • <mat-select-icon> used to display the main component


  • Angular developed and tested with 10.x


1. Install via ng add. (Recommended)

If Angular Material Design is not setup, just run ng add @angular/material learn more

Now add the library via the angular schematics

ng add @angular-material-extensions/select-icon

2. Install via npm. (Alternative)

Now install @angular-material-extensions/select-icon via:

npm install --save @angular-material-extensions/select-icon

Import the library

If you installed the library via angular schematics, you can skip this step

import { MatSelectIconModule } from '@angular-material-extensions/select-icon'; 

  declarations: [AppComponent, ...],
  imports: [MatSelectIconModule, ...],  
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {

Other modules in your application like for lazy loading import MatSelectIconModule into your feature module:


<mat-select-icon> used to display the main component - see the demo examples

iconsInput()MatSelectIcon[]-the icons to display
valueInput()MatSelectIcon-the selected value
onIconSelectedOutput()EventEmitter<MatSelectIcon>-emits the selected icon as object (see the interface below)
interface MatSelectIcon {
  url: string;
  value?: any;
  color?: ThemePalette;
  tags?: string[]; // todo: 10.2020


<mat-select-icon [icons]="icons" (onIconSelected)="onIconSelected($event)"></mat-select-icon>
import { MatSelectIcon } from '@angular-material-extensions/select-icon';

 icons: MatSelectIcon[] = [
      url: 'assets/icons/countrys-flags/lebanon.svg'
      // color: 'accent'
      url: 'assets/icons/countrys-flags/germany.svg',
      color: 'warn'
      url: 'assets/icons/countrys-flags/italy.svg',
      color: 'primary'
      url: 'assets/icons/countrys-flags/france.svg',
      color: 'primary'
      url: 'assets/icons/countrys-flags/spain.svg',
      color: 'accent'
      url: 'assets/icons/countrys-flags/united-kingdom.svg',
      color: 'accent'

  onIconSelected(selectedIcon: MatSelectIcon) {
    console.log('selected icon');

with reactive forms

<mat-select-icon [icons]="icons" [formControl]="selectIconFC"></mat-select-icon>
import { MatSelectIcon } from '@angular-material-extensions/select-icon';

selectIconFC: FormControl = new FormControl();

with selected value

<mat-select-icon [icons]="icons" [formControl]="selectIconDefault"></mat-select-icon>
import { MatSelectIcon } from '@angular-material-extensions/select-icon';

selectIconDefault: FormControl = new FormControl(this.icons[0]);

Run Demo App Locally

Build the library

$ npm run build:lib

Serve the demo app

$ npm start

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